Monday, 28 October 2013

London Zoo

When my boyfriend proposed a trip to London Zoo, my (default) response was (adopts whining tone) "I'm too busy.  I have to work".

But most weekends have been devoted to non-pleasurable activities of late, so I thought yeah, why not?  The zoo is always a great place for reference too - the photos I took there in 2010 formed the basis for the otter sewing patterns that I created.

Despite the rain, we had a great time (not too crowded either!).  Here are some of my favourite pics.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Stu - Stu - Studio

Mucho disruption over the last month or so, as I have done something quite alien and ghastly - initiated a big change and moved studios.

I had been in my studio for around twenty years or so and loved it very much, but over the last year or so, my circumstances have changed and I felt that I needed a space that suited my needs more.

L-R  A LOT of doors and locks require a lot of keys; boiler pipes have never looked so arty; my otters have settled in nice; messing my space up good.

Miraculously, a space at another studio came up.  Ten minutes from home, one minute from where I work part-time, a third of the price - and full of crafters.

L-R There's a fridge, microwave and kettle - what more could you want?; What Kate Does; Hania's silver-smithing equipment; Sue's textile space.

Moving was horrible, both physically and emotionally, and I still feel sad (and a wee bit panicky) but it's also exciting to be somewhere new and I can use my time more effectively there, which is paramount at the moment with the lead-up to Christmas.

L-R Entrance at rear; door furniture; part of Kate's tin collection; Sal's space is testament to a clutter I can only dream of achieving

The new studio is less cosy and neat than The Annexe, but I love the crafty chaos that abounds.  This means I feel OK about the huge amount of mess I specialise in whilst working.  Many new creations have been cooked up already and I feel a little bit more relaxed about life now I'm settling in.

L-R A great view of the neighbourhood back yards; ribbons and reels; casting some malachite effect resin (I hope) ; Sal's wonderful space in full

But one day, THIS will appear on my desk.