Friday, 1 April 2011

Bead Maniac & Professional (?) Photographer

It feels as if I'm spending as much time photographing my work as making it these days.  What with maintaining the Shark Alley website and uploading product images to retail website Giftwrapped & Gorgeous ( ) a huge amount of picture-taking is required and they need to look professional, which requires some creative making-do in the dining table studio.

Dining table studio
Hence fishing out a white sheet (AND ironing it), a mirror to act as a reflective screen, a rubbish anglepoise lamp and the most useless tripod EVER (from Singapore circa 1980s and currently mostly comprised of gaffer tape).  All of these are endeavouring to make the images look as if they were composed in a studio.

Thank crikey for Photoshop is all I can say.

Short beaded necklaces

I'm really getting into making the knotted bead necklaces at the mo (no less than 18 made this week) mostly based on the fact that when GW&G posted some of my images on the Press Loft website (a massive product photo bank for journalists), the bead necklace one was downloaded moments later for Burda magazine.  Hopefully it will get published, so I'm making lots more JUST IN CASE.

The downloaded necklace
Selection of eight new wraparound necklaces

Green & turquoise

Black & white

Brown & turquoise

As a result of this, I've been spending a lot of time (and money) in Brighton's two Sydney Street bead shops . . . and today I discovered a third;  (BONUS: It's just down the road from me).
They have a fab selection of beads and they're very reasonably priced to boot.  No doubt I'll be finding an excuse for another visit soon . . . roll on those necklace sales!

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