Thursday, 26 May 2011

Exciting Things To Be Excited About

I made cakes too - raspberry & coffee
The Open Houses are going well and I will be interested to get the final sales totals from all three at the end of the month and see which one went the best.  All of them are great though - there was a fab PV at Florence Road on the second Friday, where the owner Kate Lulham had made some utterly delicious food and lots of my lovely friends turned up - some from as far away as Tobago and Qatar! (I don't think they came specially, though).  It turned out to be quite a party.

With Lynn & Geo Parkin, Paul Cemmick and Rory Walker

The Quebec Street Art House, where I am also showing, is one of three houses to be shortlisted for best house in the Festival, which is great news.  The outcome will be revealed on Friday 27th May.

Other nice May things include being one of fifty designers selected for UK Handmade's Summer Showcase and one of forty for We Make London's pop-up shop in Hampstead, London.  This takes place during the first week of July and I'm really excited about debuting my work in London.

I'm determined to turn my profound love (who said obsession?!) with otters into a creative format, and so have been playing with felt and embroidery threads.  I have lots of ideas but have only managed to do these so far.

It's hard not to make them look like teddy bears!  To tie them in with the things I am already making, I made some owls as well.  I'm still not completely sure what stitching to use around the outside, but these are my favourites so far.

I've put them into the Florence Road Open House to see how they go.  I was trying to make some things that I could sell more cheaply, but true to form, I seem to have opted for a time-consuming approach, which makes that difficult to achieve. 

Also, I am stupidly excited to have been name checked on the Adam & Joe podcast from BBC6 Music after sending them a couple of silly badges I made inspired by a feature on their show.  I only just found out (thanks, Katie!) and as I'm such a fan, I find listening to it rather surreal (it's around the 43rd minute mark for those who care to wade through it).

So, just having a little lie-down right now . . .

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