Sunday, 22 January 2012

Messin' with resin

I have long been thinking about making jewellery in a material that might be considered more acceptable than papier mache by the general public (what do they know anyway, huh?). I tried silver in 2010 but knew pretty quickly that it wasn't for me as it lacked the potential for colour and pattern that I love and would require too much specialist equipment.  Plus I work in a quiet studio where everyone else uses Macs to design and illustrate, and they probably wouldn't relish me getting busy with gas flames and hammers on a daily basis.

The next choices were acrylic or enamelling but I couldn't find any suitable courses in Brighton and was ready to give up until a chance conversation with Paula Eastman of Feather Fancies revealed that there was a resin one at the London Jewellery School that she was also thinking of attending.

We duly signed up for 19th-20th January and spent two busy days having our minds blown with all the creative possibilities that were suddenly revealed.  YOWZA!

The resin is easy to use and very versatile.  We got started on about four pieces simultaneously, as whilst you're waiting for one layer to dry on one piece, you can start on another. The possibilities for including stuff in the resin really inspire me, as I love using found objects, and the 3D effect you can get is very new and exciting to me.

My first forays into the medium - pendants
Our tutor didn't set limits, so we were encouraged to experiment and take risks, with the upshot being that Paula and I elected to try and make complicated bangles using animal forms.  I had previously drawn out some otter designs and found some gorgeous brown marbled paper that I wondered if I could use, so these were incorporated into a shape marked out in string which was glued to acetate and wrapped round a curved surface.

When finished, this would be unpeeled and then 'float' in a bangle mould formed by two cylinders of acetate and filled with resin, which I didn't have time to complete.

Note hideous leakage as resin breaches the glue barrier
This probably was too ambitious, especially in terms of the time available, but I do intend to finish it (just as soon as my materials arrive!) even though I fear it will look totes rubs.  Learning curve, learning curve!

I can't believe how incredibly tired I was after both days, what with all the concentration and creative stiumulation as my mind started pondering all the exciting possibilities.  I shall, of course, be sharing the results as soon as they are done!

Some of Paula's lovely things

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