Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rain Stops Pay

PHEW!  Just back from a charity craft fair which I thought would yield fabulous sales but was totally ruined by this rubbish weather - ie. very poor turn out.

But on the plus side, it was a lovely event held over two days in a HUUUUUGE and gorgeous house in Walton-On-Thames, Surrey, near where I grew up, and just up the road from where my Dad used to work!

It's totally Palladian, dude

Our table fee and 10% of takings went to Peterson's Fund For Children - a charity set up by the owners of said house.  Charlene Peterson, who organised the event, is a very lovely and glamorous American lady who worked really hard to make the experience a good one for everyone, but sadly the weather was a big deterrant and the footfall did not equal the 1000-odd who apparently attended the same event last year.

I snapped a lot of photos of this extraordinary venue, so feast your mince pies on this little lot . . .

Marquee in the garden - setting up.
Note chandeliers.

It's a souk! 

LOVE this room
For the record I don't usually photograph toilets, but this is officially the poshest craft market toilet EVER and I like it

Exotically scented too!
And I will drink every single one

The fabulous Lisa Ham and her reversible belts (was it wrong to have pumped her for her stories about working for US Vogue with Anna Wintour?).  I have purchased one for my BF to give me for a birthday present (7th July if you were wondering) though I'm really not sure I can wait that long for it.

Mixed Media & Recycled section

Resin section

Hand Stitched section

The Full Monty

Shopping in full swing.  Ish.

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