Saturday, 23 June 2012

La Belle France

A much needed break has been taken, culminating in a few days in the south of France.  It was the most budgety of budget holidays - staying with my cousin who had rented a holiday cottage in Sainte Maxime for a month.

The place had been done up absolutely delightfully by Anne, the owner's wife, who was as charming as her décor!  The vibe was very French country and shabby chic and the overall effect was quite lovely.  There were also many other visual delights around the areas we managed to explore, including the quieter streets of St Maxime and St Tropez.

Regardez my mood boards . . .

My feet appear quite often here, as I've recently started a foot-based photo-journal blog!

As an art student I was often sketching my feet (they were often the only things that were in front of me and kept still) and I still treasure a photo I took in Spain of my hot, dusty, sticking-plaster covered feet in a park in Ronda which reminds me how it felt to be in that moment more than any other photo I took that day.  This led me to wonder whether it would be possible to capture my year via shots of my feet, especially as the poor things do so much hard work.  Anyway, see what you think!  The holiday ones were fun.

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