Monday, 31 October 2011

Otters - Where Are They Now?

And more importantly WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!  Are they being naughty?

I am extending an invitation to all Shark Alley Otter Owners to keep us posted on the activities of their little charges once they have left the cosy Shark Alley den.

Here's the sort of mayhem that has been occurring so far.

Hazel went to live with Poppy in London, where they discovered a shared love of dried apricots.

She's in safe hands as she enjoys a bit of dashboard surfing

Otis, Gourmand and Aristotle all went to live in France with Béatrice, which is terribly exciting as they went there in a plane.  They are now sleek, well-fed Parisian Otters who get to do a lot of travelling and fine dining.

Fish not good enough for you anymore, Otis?

Fuzzy #3 lives in Brighton and spent one summery evening enjoying a barbecue on the beach.

 He also got to witness a baptism!

28/12/11 Fuzzy#2 went to live in a wonderful old farmhouse in deepest Devon with Mary and Joe.  
Here he is engaging in some quality Christmas posing and sporting a particularly jolly festive bow.

May I be so bold as to suggest that you are looking a little portly, Fuzzy?  
Have you been at the mince pies?

1/1/12 This is Othello.  Here he is hanging out on New Year's Day with his friend Larry the lemur, who looks like a very splendid sort of chap.  Thanks to Steven Ball for this great shot.

25/5/12  I've just been sent some most excellent pictures of Charlton the otter, who's clearly been having a very exciting time.  Big thanks to Laura Miles who sent these in - they're absolutely brilliant.

Charlton saying farewell to his friends at Bellis Gallery, Brighton.

Charlton at Heathrow - I wonder where's he headed?  That's a big bag, Charlton.  I hope you have packed your travel pillow and a good magazine.

    Here he is enjoying a heritage tourism trail in the heart of Melbourne city centre.  It's winter in Australia so he's been looking for some woolly gloves to keep his paws warm.  Charlton likes staying close to the trendy spots on the waterfront and boasting about his travels to the local possums and echidnas.
More Shark Alley otter adventures are documented on Fuzzy Otter's very own blog here

So if you want to send in some pictures of the things your otter is getting up to, the places where they like to spend time or even a cute little portrait of you and your otter just hanging out, we'd really, really love to see them!  (If you'd like to welcome one of the lovely little critters into your life, click here!)

Just post your pics on the Shark Alley Facebook page or go to the contact page on the Shark Alley website and email them over and I'll pop the best ones up on here.

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