Saturday, 14 June 2014

DIY Postcard Display

This week, I've been working on stall display in preparation for the Kew Midsummer Fair next Saturday (June 21st).  I'm totally changing my stall both in terms of layout and appearance and this is both exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.

As I'm going to be arranging everything by subject (ie otters, hares etc) rather than media (hand stitched, resin etc), my cute new postcards need to be displayed separately rather than in one big unit.  I couldn't find any display units I liked online (and I didn't want to spend a fortune either) so I decided to make my own with some handy little boxes I found at work.

I'm really pleased with them!

In case you feel the urge, here's how I did it.

1.  To make the holder, you'll need a small, relatively sturdy cardboard box just bigger than the dimensions of your cards, some sticky tape, a pair of scissors, a pen and a ruler.

2. In order to make the box lean back slightly to help with the presentation of the cards, measure and draw a line 1cm from the top of the box, then draw a diagonal line from that to the back where the lid hinges.

3.  Cut around this line, leaving the lid intact, then re-insert the lid into the box and tape shut.  This will form the slanted base of the box

4.  Cut the lid off the other end of the box. My box had a semi-circular hole at the top, so I cut away another centimetre to get rid of this.  Stand the box up (deepest end at the front) and measure 6cm up from the bottom at the front of the box.  Draw a horizontal line, then draw a diagonal line on each side of the box from this 6cm point to the top.

5.  Cut these areas away and you are left with your display box!

6.  I decorated my boxes with a collage of paper.  I find this easier than trying to cover with a whole sheet, plus it helps to disguise any rough or uneven edges.  I used old pages of music score and the index from an unwanted London A-Z.  Both had lovely yellowing edges, which gave me the vintage feel I wanted, and I dry-brushed them with white emulsion paint.

7.  Tear the paper into small pieces roughly 2-3cm square, and use PVA glue to collage them all over the box.  I didn't bother with the base inside and out.

8.  Leave for a couple of hours to dry, then varnish with a layer of PVA diluted with a little water and bingo - you're done!

The new stall display will hopefully be fully realised at the Kew Midsummer Fair, Kew Green, Kew, Surrey, TW9 3AP on Saturday 21st June 2014.  The fair runs from 11am - 6pm and you can find more information here.

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