Saturday, 2 August 2014

Take A Break

Ok, so it's August 2nd and The Handmade Fair is getting closer and closer and I have so much to get done by then and I'm actually starting to panic and . . .

. . . breathe!

So I have decided to take a break from doing this blog for a while, as it can eat up quite a chunk of the day, especially if I'm getting carried away with lots of photos. As I so often do.

I'll post more information about The Handmade Fair nearer the time along with any other updates (if  actually manage to achieve them) and there will be more regular news on the Shark Alley Facebook page.

Wish me luck, have a great summer and I'll see you in September!

No chance of this happening anytime soon . . . but looking forward to some R&R at the end of September

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