Saturday, 1 March 2014


Lately I've been pondering on ideas to give the Shark Alley experience a little extra je ne sais quois.

I've always thought I should do a bit more in the packaging arena. Personally, I find that I really do notice and appreciate a bit of care in this department when I receive things I've ordered online.  It makes the purchase seem more special and treat-like, maybe even better value for money.  What do you think?

The basics - from Dear Handmade Life

To this end, I've been trawling Pinterest for some inspiration.  I'm leaning towards simple, recycled ideas, with some natural elements. You can see the full board on my Pinterest page, but here are a few of my favourite ideas.

From Do It Yourself Gift Ideas

From Flickr

From La Casita de Calista
From Naughty Shorts

From BellesArticlesElegant on Etsy

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